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Unlock your business power through gamification.
We took a long path to bring you why, how and what is gamification. Check this universe with us.
Where fun games
provide a serious service.
The hard work
behind playtime.
We transformed the engaging power of game industry into worth-discovering experiences related to business. Game assets and mechanics were brought to our worktable by our own method. Meet GAAS™: Gamification as a Service.
We don't take portals.
We create them.
Words from your
own reality:
Daniel Martinez
Digital Open Innovation - Novo Nordisk
Skillcore brought us a new perspective on how we work. As a corporate, it has been a multi-area consensus to perceive huge lessons in the way we operate, execute, and communicate. They arrived here to, in a very natural way in the projects, question and provoke how we, as a big corporate, can act more like startups, gaining more and more maturity in business, using innovation as the main way of working.
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Gamification uses game elements to engage and motivate people, improving performance and satisfaction at work.
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