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SkillCore makes it easy to earn direct revenue from your real fans through exclusive rewards.

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SkillCore is an engagement platform and loyalty program

We are the only company that uses gamification to help you reach financial autonomy with your community. A unique experience for you to have total control over your fan base, generating more business opportunities.

Your community, your choices.

Have a page with your own currency. Customize your store with exclusive rewards, offer subscription plans with benefits, create quests and interact with your community members.

Your community, your choices.
Promote challenges for your community to earn credits.

Promote challenges for your community to earn credits.

Do you know when you finish a quest and get a reward at your favorite game? Well, now you can do the same thing with your community and gain money!


Your community gets rewards. And you get money in your pocket.

Members complete quests, earn virtual coins, buy credits, redeem benefits. * You receive the amount to your wallet immediately after the member pays for a plan. There's no waiting time.

Your community gets rewards. And you get money in your pocket. SkillCoin
Sell experiences they won't forget.

Sell experiences they won't forget.

Your fans already do their best to be in touch with you, why not offer this in your store? Create rewards like video messaging, live chat, consulting, and even a party in your favorite game.


NFTs unlock exclusive benefits.

How about gifting your best fans with exclusive NFTs, which will not just be another item for your portfolio, but also a portal to new experiences within the community.

NFTs unlock exclusive benefits.

Make decisions based on data.

Gain autonomy with your fan base and apply all your marketing strategies. Escape from the complex algorithms of social media and increase engagement through direct contact with your audience.

Make decisions based on data.
Livestreams worth gold.

Livestreams worth gold.

A place dedicated to the audience that loves watching streaming. All members are notified the moment you go live, so they can watch the Twitch or Youtube stream within their environment and accomplish missions in real time.


Is SkillCore the best option for you?

If you're a streamer, content creator, influencer, sports/esports organization, or want to have a unique fan environment, yes! Our biggest mission is to make you have the autonomy you need to grow.

Streamers & Content Creators

Receive support and offer rewards that make sense to your audience in an environment that's completely customized by you.

SkillCoin SkillCoin




Ideal for content creators.
Limit 1,000 members.

  • Online shop with your own currency
  • Livestream page
  • Social Media integration
  • Public posts or just for subscribers
  • 10% commission fee



Ideal for streamers and communities.

  • Advantages from Creator Plan
  • Multiple content creators
  • Multiple admins accounts
  • Unlimited members
  • Creating NFTs
  • 10% commission fee
  • Redeem 20 NFTs per month, extra $2/redeem


on demand

Made for companies, brands and organizations.

  • Advantages of other plans
  • Custom own Domain
  • Removal of SkillCore branding
  • Community Consulting and Planning

Let's start distributing your rewards to your community?

So register now and turn your members into superfans!


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