FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


    What is SkillCore?

    SkillCore is a fan engagement platform and loyalty program where communities can create an entire environment for their audience to access and redeem exclusive rewards by exchanging for virtual credits. As soon as you connect a community to your social apps, any interaction with the community earns you points to grow your profile. Our mission is to put together communities, esports teams, streamers, players, and content creators with their fans in a unique way!

    Why SkillCore?

    SkillCore provides a unique white-label environment for communities who want to invite the audience to become members and get virtual credits and exclusive rewards.

    After many conversations with esports entities and gaming fans, we figured out how important is the belonging sense to community members. No other platform has planned in an effective way to manage a community and how to communicate the importance of the most engaged users.

    By creating and offering virtual credits community managers can use their creativity to bring users who want to stay close to the brand and get perks with their engagement around the community.

    Who is SkillCore?

    We're an international team based in Brazil and Portugal, and gaming fanatics with professional experience in tech products and sports. With 10+ years of combined experience as founders, they have the vision of providing a platform where any gaming communities can have all access to their audience and create loyalty programs who they will be engaged with.


    What do I get after signing up?

    ✓ Create a profile with a unique link

    ✓ Manage pricing plans to sell virtual credits adding benefits to user who bought it

    ✓ Provide different types of item and perks for the virtual shop, where fans will be able to exchange coins for these rewards

    ✓ Get all access to users profile and insights to understand who is your target audience

    ✓ Dashboard with the key performance metrics to make critical decisions

    How much it costs?

    Our basic plan is pretty simple, you don’t have to pay anything to create your community and start converting users into members, we just charge for payments made inside the environments, in case of acquiring credits as an example.

    If you want to get more features, exclusivity, and customization, the enterprise plan is perfect for you. Our team will prepare and help you with all aspects to release your environment to the public.

    How can I withdrawal my balance?

    We use a PayPal account to send and transfer money to the community managers. It’s very simple to request, just access the balances section inside the admin area and create a new withdraw filling in your PayPal account.

    Can I send credits or items to a specific user?

    Yes, you are able to send more credits or single items to any user, by accessing their profile and clicking in send a gift action.

    What methods of payments my users will be able to choose to acquire my virtual credits?

    It depends on the country they live in, but we support most of the biggest credit card brands by using Stripe integrations and PayPal as a wallet and other methods.

    In case of a problem or doubt, what can I do?

    Send an email to [email protected] and our team will answer you ASAP.


    What can I get for free in a community?

    There are several things you can enjoy for free on a community, including:

    ✓ Platform Access

    ✓ It's free to register to a community

    ✓ Credits by engagement and interaction

    ✓ Refer a friend

    ✓ Free items

    ✓ Receive news, discount, and exclusive content for members

    What do I get for joining?

    After connecting with a community, you’ll be eligible to start earning credits and participate in Quests and Experiences. As you engage with a community from your social networks, you’ll collect credits that add to your profile and unlock items in the Online Shop.

    Is there a fee to join or participate?

    There’s no fee to join, all communities have free access to members. All you have to do is create an account, connect your social profiles, and start earning credits.

    How do I earn virtual credits?

    After connecting, all your fan engagement with the community will value credits. This means the amazing support you show us through likes, Twitch views, and comments give you credits.

    How long do my credits last?

    They never expire ;)

    Help, I didn’t receive credits for something that I did!

    It can take an hour or so to see credits from engagement. If you still don’t see them, that’s something our support team can help you with. Get in touch with [email protected].

    How can I redeem an item from the shop?

    First of all, you should know how many credits are requested for each item, if you have at least this number of credits you can just click on REDEEM button on the item and confirm that. After this process, you will receive a notification about that and more information from the community manager.

    Can I redeem more than 1 of the same item?

    Yes, if the item allows multiple redemptions you can redeem an item multiple times if you want.

    Who receives my payments?

    The bulk of your payments will go to the community manager. These funds are intended to help them develop, compete and provide exclusive items. Meanwhile, a small commission of your transactions will go to Espo to support us run our platform, serve our community, and develop new features for all communities.

    Can I transfer credits between accounts?

    No. It’s not allowed to transfer credits between accounts or exchange them for cash. Virtual credits can only be used to redeem shop items.

    Can I request a payment refund?

    All orders you make on SkillCore are non-transferable. You will receive credits with every order you make on a community, which can be used to redeem a variety of different items on Online Shop either now or in the future.

    Can I cancel/change an order?

    Some orders can be canceled/changed up until the moment you confirm/provide the final information we request from you on the page after the checkout page. Once you submit this information to us, or if we did not request information for you to confirm/provide after the checkout page, your order can no longer be canceled/changed and your credits can no longer be refunded.

    Will there be a mobile app for communities?

    Yes! It’s on its way in the next quarters.

    How can I report an issue?

    If you're experiencing a problem with your account, user experience, or an order you have placed on SkillCore, please send us a message to [email protected] and our team will assist you ASAP.

    Can I give feedback?

    Yes! Your feedback is essential for us to improve. You can send us feedback by writing to [email protected]

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